Your website comes packed with hundreds of articles, videos, and other resources to share with your clients and prospects. Our "Content Options" gives you an easy way to feature this content on any page of your website. 

Note: these options are not available on all templates. 

Got a page that covers the various services you offer? Great! Add a 4-box section featuring some relevant library content to keep visitors on your site!
Got a page that takes a deep dive into your firm's approach to retirement or college planning? Perfect! Add an image section featuring a pertinent piece from the library and you're in business! 

Accessing Your "Content Options"

When you add either a "Boxes" or "Image" Section to a page — whether it's your homepage or a custom internal page — you'll see a "Content Options" button appear at the top of your section:

Click "Content Options" and you can choose to feature either static or dynamic library content in your section:

  • Static Content: choose a specific piece of library content to feature. This content will not change until you update this section. 

  • Dynamic Content: choose from a combination of content types, categories, or keywords to feature a rotating selection of applicable content here. This section updates on a daily basis. 

When you've chosen to feature FMG Suite library content in a section, it's simple to see those settings — and make any adjustments — in your editor:

When you feature a piece (or category) of library content in a section, that section will be populated with the appropriate: 

  • Image (determined by your designated Thumbnail Image Style)

  • Headline

  • Paragraph text

  • Button (linking to the content on your website)

As always, you can choose to "Show/Hide" any of these elements in the section.

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