Updating the Content Thumbnail Styles on Your Website

How to change the content thumbnail styles on your website

Your website is loaded with helpful, industry-leading content. Content is displayed on your website with thumbnail images included. These thumbnails will appear on:

  • Your "Helpful Content" sections (not available on all templates)

  • The pages in the "Resource Center" section of your website

  • Any library content that you feature in a section (click here to learn more)

Updating Thumbnail Image Styles

To update your thumbnail image styles, navigate to Website>>Design. Under the Thumbnail Image Styles, click "Choose your website's thumbnails image style":

On this page, you can preview and choose the style that works best for your website:

Note that content posted to social media from your Content Library—whether you share that content manually or through the Social Foundation campaign—will use the "Mix and Match" style. 

Click "Preview Website" if you'd like to preview your changes. Once you're ready, click "Save" to apply your changes to your website.