Finding, Editing, and Deleting Bounced Email Addresses

How to clean up your contact list by updating and removing bounced emails

Reviewing bounced email addresses is a great way to ensure your messages get through. Think you're sending an email to 100 contacts? Well, if 10 of those addresses have bounced in the past, your message isn't going to reach 100 contacts! Not only will those 10 bounced contacts not receive your message, but sending to a list that includes bounced addresses decreases the likelihood that your email will land in your other contacts' inboxes. 

Identifying Bounced Email Addresses

To find email addresses on your contact list that have previously bounced, navigate to Contacts >> Manage Contacts:

You'll see a table on the Contacts page listing your current contacts. Click the "Email Status" header to sort the column:

Once the bounced email addresses are at the top of your list, you can either:

  • Click the email address, and you can edit the email address on the Edit Contact page. Once edited and saved, the email status will change to "Subscribed" 

  • Delete the contact* by clicking the checkbox to the left of the contact(s) you want to delete. Once selected, click the "Delete" button

*The "Delete" option is unavailable if you are synced with a CRM.

If you prefer to update your bounced contacts in bulk, you can export your entire contact list, edit the necessary email addresses, and import your updated list to your FMG account.

Click here for more information on importing your contacts as a CSV.