Enhancing Your Website with Professional Stock Photos

How to find, purchase, and add professional-grade photos to your site.

Are you looking to add some personality and visual appeal to your website? Well, pictures are a great way to achieve that! We recommend searching for professional-grade images from stock photo providers such as Shutterstock, iStock, and Adobe Stock. You can save money by purchasing a bundle of credits or signing up for a plan with royalty-free photo providers.

Tips for Buying Stock Photos

When you purchase stock photos, please remember to avoid the highest resolution available, as they are typically intended for printed materials. Medium-sized images are generally ideal for websites. Also, avoid buying "editorial" images, as they cannot be used on a commercial site. Always provide written confirmation that you have purchased the rights to use the photo(s) from a stock photo provider before attaching them to an email and sending them to us for website integration.

What Not to Do: Risks of Using Unauthorized Images

Avoid grabbing photos from "free" stock photo providers, Google Image results, or other websites. These images are often licensed for specific uses and can only be used on your website with the appropriate rights.

Personalizing Your Website with Photos

Remember to add a personal touch to your website by taking pictures of your office, team members, and client events. Sharing these photos on social media can also help showcase your company's personality. If you're not confident in your photo-taking skills, you can always search for skyline/city pictures of your local area from stock photo providers.

If you encounter an image too large to upload, check out our help article on resizing images.

Images Provided by FMG

Lastly, if you want to purchase the rights to a stock image placed on your website by FMG for use on other branding materials, please get in touch with our Service team for assistance at 858-251-2420 or service@fmgsuite.com. We can give you the link to purchase your rights to the image to use on other branding materials.