Direct compliance makes it easy to update your website and send emails. This seamless integration saves you time by automatically sending your changes to your compliance department. Approved changes are then published automatically!

Hoes Does Direct Compliance Work?

When you make an update to your website and "Publish" your change, you will see a new compliance case appear on your Compliance page:

Updates listed on your Compliance page have been submitted to your compliance department—no further action is necessary on your end. 

  • When your compliance department approves a pending update, those changes will go live immediately.

  • If your compliance department rejects an update, they will leave a note detailing the changes you'll need to make before the updates can go live. 

Note: If you are subscribed to the Daily Digest, you will receive an email whenever compliance takes action on a pending update. Whether they reject or approve content, we'll let you know. Click here to learn more about setting up your email notifications!

Compliance Page Overview

With Compliance

You will see your pending compliance cases under the "With Compliance" tab:

  1. Submitted: This is the date that the change was submitted

  2. Last Action: This is the date the last action was performed on the submission

  3. Title: This is the title of the submission

  4. Case: This is the case number for the submission

  5. Type: The type of change is listed here

  6. Search: Looking for a specific submission? Use the search bar to quickly find what you're looking for!

  7. Actions:

    1. Case Note: Do you want to include a note to your compliance department when submitting a change? Perhaps this is an update that you've already confirmed with them and would like to remind them of that conversation or previous approval? Click "Case Note" to attach a note to the compliance case.

    2. Edit: Click "edit" to revisit your submission and make changes

    3. Retract: Remove the item from compliance and place it in a "draft" status

    4. Revert: Revert item to the last approved state

Rejected by Compliance

If any items were rejected by compliance, you will see them under your "Rejected by Compliance" tab.

  1. Title: This is the title of the submission

  2. Notes: The notes added by your compliance officer stating the reason for the rejection

  3. Actions:

    1. Edit: Edit the item to resubmit to compliance

    2. Retract: Remove the item from compliance and place it in a "draft" status

    3. Revert: Revert item to the last approved state

Compliance History

The "Compliance History" tab will show you a history of all compliance submissions, which includes the status of the submission.

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