Starting a Blog

How to add a blog to your website

Are you looking for a place to publish your own unique content on your website? A place to share your views on recent events and how your personal experiences have shaped your firm's approach? A blog is a perfect way to share this extremely valuable content! In this article, we will review how to:

Creating a Blog Introduction

A blog introduction is a great way to introduce your blog to website visitors and inform them of what they can expect from your blog. Follow these steps to add a blog introduction:

  1. You'll want to first create your "Blog Introduction" by navigating to Blog>>Blog Introduction:
    Screenshot 2024-06-18 143253
  2. On the Blog Introduction page, enter the blog introduction you would like to use for your blog. Click Publish to submit the changes to compliance for approval:

Once approved by compliance, your "Blog Introduction" will appear at the top of your blog's landing page on your website, and any future blog posts will appear under this introduction.

Adding a Blog to Your Website Navigation

In order to add a blog navigation tab to your website, you must first publish a blog. Adding a blog navigation item is the only way to ensure website visitors can view your blog. Click here to learn more about publishing a blog! 

After adding your first blog post, follow these steps to ensure your blog page displays on your website:

  1. Ensure that your first blog post has been successfully approved by compliance and is past its publish date. You can check your blog post status in the Blog > My Blog Posts section in your FMG admin.
  2. Now, go to the Website > Navigation section:
    Screenshot 2024-06-18 143801
  3. Select the "Add Nav Item" button:
  4. Enter the following details in the "Add A New Navigation Item" pop-up:

    • 1) Nav Label: This label will display as a "tab" on your website navigation. Use this section to name your blog anything you'd like, or simply call it "Blog."
    • 2) Nav Type: The blog navigation needs to remain a "Parent (top level)" item, so there is no need to make changes here!
    • 3) Link To: Click on the drop-down menu, scroll down to the "System Pages" section, and select "Blog."
  5. Select Add, then Publish to save your changes.

Troubleshooting Blog Navigation Issues

What if "Blog" doesn't show up in the LinkTo section in the Nav
Item section?

One of two options are possible:
  1. No blogs are currently available:
    • First, add a blog and get it approved through compliance. Once the blog is approved and published, try the steps above again.
    • If the blog is published and you still don't have the "Blog" option available to link to, check your blog post date. If it's set to publish on a future date, the Blog navigation option won't be available. Blogs must be published today or on a date that has already passed.
  2. Your first blog post has been published today or earlier, but the Blog option in the navigation section is still unavailable:
    • Go to the specified blog, insert a space somewhere in the content, and then republish it. This should make the Blog option available to add to the navigation as usual.

Need more assistance with your blogs? Reach out to our support team for help!