Publisher Admin | Syndicated Library Pages

Creating Syndicated Library Pages

Note: This article is only applicable to Publisher Admin users

In this article, we will discuss creating article content and using article content to create Syndicated Library Pages.

Article Content

  1. Log in to your Publisher Admin and navigate to Publish > Web Content

  2. Creating Article Content:

    • Click the green "+Article" button to create a new article.
    • In the Display Information section, add the following details:
      • Title: The title is displayed in the subscribers' content library and when shared on social media.
      • Header Title: This is the title displayed on website pages.
      • Keywords: Keywords are displayed in the content library search. Note: Use a Keyword specific to your agency to ensure your content only displays for your subscribers on Syndicated Library Pages. 
      • Matter Type: These categories assist in describing the type of content.
      • Read Time: Number of minutes estimated to read the content; only use Numerical Values. 
      • Display Date: This field determines the date displayed with the content. If left blank, the system will fill it in with the date of the last update.
  3. Article Content: Add your content to the Article Content section. This section uses our rich text editor, which allows you to control font color, sizes, and style, add bulleted/numbered lists, link URLs, and upload images in the article. 
  4. Images
    • Thumb Path: 
      This Thumbnail image will be used for social media posts, emails, and websites. 
        • Recommended Image Size: 600 x 460 JPG Format
    • Hero Image Path: The Hero image will be displayed on website articles. 
        • Recommended Image Size: 2000 x 475 JPG Format

Creating Syndicated Library Pages

  1. Log in to your Publisher Admin and navigate to Publish > Pages.
  2. Click "Add Page" to create a new page or click on the Title of an existing page to edit.
  3. On the page, click the plus (+) and add an "HTML Code" section Widget.
  4. Click on the section and add the following HTML shortcode:
    • [articles=grid keywords="KEYWORD GOES HERE"]
    • Note: The Keyword is case-sensitive and needs to be identical to the way it was spelled in the Detail Information.
  5. Edit the shortcode with your desired keyword to display specific content.
  6. Click Publish or Save Draft to save the page. Note: The Syndicated Page must be Compliance Approved before displaying on the subscribers' end. 

Managing Content in Syndicated Library Pages:

  • You can easily update the content displayed on the Syndicated Library page by editing the keyword in the shortcode.

Previewing Syndicated Library Pages:

  • Note that live previews of Syndicated Pages are not available yet on the Publisher Admin. 
  • To preview Syndicated Pages, you can:
    • Impersonate a subscriber admin
    • In the Website section, select Pages
    • Locate the syndicated page
    • Click Actions > Preview to view the page

Customizing Syndicated Library Pages:

  • In the subscriber admin, users can customize Syndicated Pages:
    • In the Website section, select Pages, locate the Syndicated Page, and Click Actions > Copy to create a copy of the page.
    • Users can then modify the appearance of the Syndicated Library Page by adjusting colors and backgrounds, and adding additional sections or elements above or below the syndicated library page to enhance its presentation.
    • Note: Users will NOT be able to edit the Article Content.