Adding an Internal URL to Your Website Navigation

How to add a link to a page on your site to your menu

An internal URL is a hyperlink that points to a page within the same website and is used to navigate users to different pages on your website. It is a useful tool for organizing your website's content and making it easily accessible to your website visitors. By following these simple steps, you can quickly add internal URLs to your website's navigation menu.

  1. Navigate to the Navigation Page

    To add an external URL to your navigation, navigate to Website > Navigation.


  2. Add a New Navigation Item

    To add a new item to your website's navigation menu, click the "Add Nav Item" button at the top of the page.


  3. Add a New Navigation Item Pop-Up

    1. Nav Label: In the "Nav Label" field, add the text you want to appear in your navigation menu.

    2. Nav Type: In the "Nav Type" dropdown menu, select either "Parent (top level)" or "Child (dropdown level)." If you choose "Child," an additional dropdown menu will appear, allowing you to select the "Parent" of the menu item.

      1. Note a "Parent" menu item will be a main menu item, whereas a "Child" menu item will not appear until the "Parent" menu item is clicked:


    3. Link To: Use the dropdown menu to select the page you want to link.

    4. Add: Click the "Add" button to create the new navigation item.


  4. Positioning Your Nav Item

    After your new menu item is added to the menu, you can drag and drop the new item to the desired position in your website navigation menu if necessary.


  5. Publish Your Changes

    Finally, click the "Publish" button to save and submit your changes to compliance. Once approved, this new menu item will appear in your website navigation.

    • If the page you are linking to has been approved by compliance, it will appear on your live website immediately.

    • If the page you're linking to has not been approved by compliance, it will appear on your live website once that page has been approved.