Creating a Custom Masthead

How to update the content that appears at the top of your website.

A masthead is the top section of a website that typically displays a logo, and it serves as a consistent branding element throughout the website. By default, your masthead will include the logo you have uploaded to the Profile > Logo section of your admin. Your masthead may also include your contact information and links to social media profiles, depending on your website theme. Note custom mastheads are only available to users on certain themes.

To add a custom masthead:

  1. Navigate to Website > Masthead:


  2. Click the "Add a Custom Masthead" button:


  3. In the Choose Masthead Type modal, select "Upload Image":

    1. Upload Image:

      1. Opt to display another image here: For example, if you'd like to use your logo on your email sends but would prefer another graphic to display on your website, upload that image here.

      2. Display a unique graphic on your internal pages. You can display your logo on your homepage and another graphic on all the other pages on your website.

    2. Create Html: Creating an HTML masthead is only recommended for advanced users.


  4. In the Upload A Custom Masthead modal, add a masthead name (for example, "Custom Masthead April 2023") and upload your image. Click "Publish" to send your masthead to compliance.



  5. You can then assign your custom masthead to your home page and/or your other pages: