Updating Your Logo

How to add or update your company logo

To add or replace your logo, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Profile > Logo:


  2. Here, you can click the "Upload Image" button to upload your logo:


  3. Once uploaded, you will have the option to crop your logo before saving it:


  4. Click "Save Draft" to preview the logo on your website or "Publish" to submit your logo to compliance.


  5. Your logo will appear in the following places:

    1. At the top of your website

    2. Automated campaign emails*

    3. Custom emails*

    4. Ebooks for lead generation form sections and popups

    *You can add a custom graphic, in place of your logo, to your email template by navigating to Email >> Edit Email Design.


Logo Tips and Tricks

  • It's best to create a vector file of your logo and save it as a transparent .png format. Doing so ensures that your logo blends seamlessly with the background color of your website and email.

  • If you're looking to create a logo, several companies can help you. We suggest checking out Logo Bids at www.logobids.com and 99 Designs at http://99designs.com/