Sync your Redtail account with your FMG Suite admin to keep your contacts up to date.

Syncing Redtail

First, navigate to Contacts>>Manage Contacts in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard:

On the top of the Contacts page, under Import Your Contacts, click "Sync Redtail CRM":

Next, you'll be prompted to enter your Redtail credentials:

During the syncing process, all of your contacts in your admin will be replaced with your Redtail contacts. If you have any contacts in FMG Suite that are not in Redtail, export your FMG contacts and add them to Redtail prior to syncing.

Here is an overview of the Redtail CRM Synchronization modal:

  1. What Would You Like To Sync From Redtail CRM?: You can choose which of your contacts from Redtail to add to FMG Suite. Choose to either sync all of your contacts or only specified tags.

  2. Sync Frequency: To update your contacts automatically at the end of each day (recommended), enable automatic syncing by checking the box in this section. If you choose not to enable automatic syncing, you can start an on-demand sync at any time from your Contacts page.*

  3. Sync FMG Suite Activity: Check the box in this section if you’d like FMG Suite to write an activity note to Redtail each time:

    • A website form is completed

    • An email is sent

    • Someone opts out of your emails

*After your initial integration, you may update your contacts sync method on-demand. To do this, navigate to Contacts>>Manage Contacts in your admin. To update your Redtail contacts on-demand, you can click "Update Contacts":

Updating Your Sync Settings

To update your sync settings after your initial integration, navigate to Contacts>>Manage Contacts in your admin. Select the arrow dropdown next to "Update Contacts", and select "Update current settings". You can then update the contact settings in the Redtail CRM Synchronization modal.

Field Mapping

Here is how Redtail contact fields map to an FMG contact:

Redtail Field

FMG Field

First Name

First Name

Last Name

Last Name

Email marked as Primary

Email Address

Street Address

Address 1

Secondary Address

Address 2







Phone marked as Primary

Phone Number





Marital Status

Marital Status

Client Since

Client Anniversary



Additional Troubleshooting

Not seeing a new tagged group that you have created in Redtail? You may need to manually sync your Redtail or update sync settings to include the group you've created.

To update your sync settings, first, navigate to Contacts>>Manage Contacts.

  • If you are syncing "All Contacts/Groups," simply click the "Update Contacts" button. Your new group will then be added to your groups list after the sync completes.

  • If you syncing "Just Specific Groups," click on the dropdown arrow on "Update Contacts" and select "Update current settings":

Next, you will see the "Redtail CRM Synchronization" modal.

Under the "Just Specific Groups" tab, select the tag group name you've created in Redtail. Hit "Save," and a new Redtail sync will begin. Your new group will then be added to your groups list after the sync completes.

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