Make it even easier to reach the right people by syncing your Redtail contacts. Before you get started, be sure you have your Redtail credentials handy – you'll need those in order to complete this integration. 

Note: syncing your Redtail contacts will erase/replace any contacts you already have listed in your admin. If you have contacts in here, you can easily export those and add them to Redtail before you complete this integration.

Navigate to Email >> Contacts:

In the right-hand corner of your Contacts page, click the gear/settings icon to find the option to "Sync Redtail CRM:"

Next, you'll be prompted to enter your Redtail credentials. 

Lastly, you'll then need to choose if you'd like to sync "All Contacts/Groups" or "Just Specific Groups" from Redtail:
Note: be sure to leave the option to "automatically sync with Redtail" enabled. 

Click here for more details on this process!

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