Publisher Admin | How to Use the Multi-User Tool

Note: This article is only applicable to subscribers with access to the Multi-User tool and Publisher Admins.

The FMG platform is designed to help advisors, staff, and marketing coordinators from the home office collaborate on marketing activities related to an advisor or firm's brand. Each brand profile is set up within an FMG Subscriber account. Normally, advisors and staff are given user accounts that grant them access to a single Subscriber Account.

With the Multi-Users feature, advisors and staff can now access multiple Subscriber Accounts using a single sign-on (SSO) session. This feature ensures a seamless and secure experience for the following scenarios:

  • Staff members who work with multiple advisors

  • Advisors who provide support or oversight to other advisors

Functional Overview:

  • Multi-User Access: Advisors and staff can easily access multiple FMG Subscriber Accounts using a single session as Delegate Users.

  • Home Office Utility: The home office can add access to Subscriber Accounts for all users through a file upload utility in Publisher.

How to Use the Multi-User Tool

You will be directed to the Accounts page when you log into your account. This page displays a list of all the accounts you can access. To start working within a specific account, click on the "Access" button located on the right side of the account's information.

When you are ready to leave the account, hover over the name in the upper right corner. From there, you can sign out or access another account. Clicking "Access Another Account" will return you to the Accounts page.

Managing Multi-User Account Access

Publisher admins who have the ability to manage multi-user (delegate) account access can add indirect access or remove access without uploading files or impersonating account owners. (Indirect access allows multi-users to access an account as sub-users with restricted permissions.)

How to change account access

  1. Click on the "Actions" menu item next to a delegate.
  2. Select "Manage Access" from the dropdown menu.
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  • Search: Search by Name or Public ID to find specific users quickly.
  • Access Type Filter: Filter by 'Access Type' to see currently assigned access.
  • Bulk Actions: Use checkboxes to grant or remove access to multiple accounts simultaneously.

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