How to Use the Bento Collection

How do I use the Bento Collection?

The Bento content is a small sample of the great content that the folks at Bento have to offer. You can use these samples just as you would use any other FMG content.

This article describes how to best use the materials in the Bento Collection to proactively advise your clients and prospects during key "Moments That Matter" on their life journeys. Follow 6 simple steps to lead with personal, timely and impactful advice, for everyone's benefit. You can also learn more at

Step 1: Pick a "Moment That Matters" to advise on

Life is full of Life Events, such as getting married or moving to a new state. In addition, there are also 15 Age-based Milestones that trigger distinct wealth management risks or opportunities, for example, turning 50 and being able to make Catch-up Contributions. Your FMG Bento Collection contains materials you can leverage to advise all of your relevant clients and prospects on six key "Moments That Matter," including:

Life Events:

  • Getting Married

  • Having a Child

  • Moving to a New State

Age-based Milestones:

  • Age 18: Age of Majority

  • Age 50: Catch-up Contributions

  • Age 62: Social Security Benefits

In this first step, select one of these six opportunities to focus on.

Step 2: Identify appropriate clients/prospects

Next, identify all of your clients and prospects that would benefit from advice on that topic. For the age-based milestones, we suggest going into your CRM to filter for all contacts that will reach a certain milestone in the next 12 months or recently passed that milestone (also suggesting 12 months). In case you need help in filtering for the relevant contacts, please find detailed instructions for Redtail and Wealthbox below.

Step 3: Select the best mode of communication

Now that you've identified the clients/prospects who may benefit from your selected Bento Alert, it's time to select the communication mode that you will use to share relevant content.

Some of your clients are visual learners who will benefit from looking at a well-structured PPT page in your next review meeting, while others are constantly on the go and would appreciate an informative email -- with Bento, you can choose the best mode of communication on a client-specific basis.

In the Bento Collection, for each of the topics, you can find PPT and email versions of the materials. To note, the full Bento offering which you can learn more about at, also provides additional modes of communication, such as well-structured Talking Points to support impactful conversations.

Step 4: Access the Bento materials

Now, access the Bento Collection and locate your preferred communication format (email or PPT) for the chosen topic.

Step 5: Share the Bento materials

Then share the materials with your identified target clients and prospects. Personalize the emails for maximum impact.

Five easy steps to advise ALL of your clients and prospects during "Moments That Matter." Visit to learn about the dozens more advice opportunities the Bento system focuses on, and see how Bento can integrate into your CRM to alert you automatically of upcoming advice opportunities across your entire book of business.

Instructions for Redtail Users

To identify Bento Campaign targets using Redtail, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen → go to the Contacts tab

  • On the Contacts tab → Advanced Search

  • Add Filters: e.g. for Age 50 - Catch up Contributions → Age is greater than or equal to 49 AND less than 51

  • Click Run

Instructions for Wealthbox Users

To identify Bento Campaign targets using Wealthbox, follow these steps:

  • On the main screen → go to the Reports tab

  • On the Reports tab → Create a New Report

  • Fill out the following fields:

    • Report Object: Contact

    • Report Name: [Enter Desired Name Here]

  • Add Filters: e.g. for Age 50 - Catch up Contributions → Age between 49 and 51

  • Fields to Display: Name, Age, Birthdate, Email

  • Click Save Template