If you're looking to add a video to your email, you can embed the video on your website and then add a link to that page within your email. Although we do not currently support embedding videos directly into an email*, our suggested method of linking a video in an email is a great way to drive visitors to your website!

*Why Can’t I Embed Videos Directly Into an Email?

Playing videos directly in emails is not something that most email providers support. Email providers such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Thunderbird, and others do not support the technical requirements needed to play the video right inside the email. Because of this, your clients either won't be able to watch your video within the email, or worse, your email will end up in their spam folders, and they won't see them.

How to Add a Video to an Email

First, you'll want to embed the video on your website to get started. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

After you've embedded your video on a page or blog post on your website, it's time to compose your email by navigating to Email > Send Email in your left menu bar.

In the body of the email, highlight the text you'd like to apply your link to, and then click the "Insert/edit link" icon:

In the Insert Link modal, you'll want to add the following information:

  1. Url: Enter the URL of the video here. This should be the URL of the page or blog post on your site that has the video embedded.

  2. Text to display: This is the text you highlighted within the email. If you'd like to change the text that will be hyperlinked, you can do so here

  3. Title: The title of the video added will be displayed when someone hovers over the text that is hyperlinked

  4. Target:

    1. None: This will open the video in the current window

    2. New window: This will open the video in a new window

Once you have entered the video information, click "Ok."

You'll see that the text is now hyperlinked, and your video is now linked within your email!

Lastly, don't forget to test the link to ensure it's working correctly by clicking either "Preview Email" or "Send A Test Email" on the top left of the page.

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