FMG Content: An Overview of Titles and Types

Great Content Made Simple

We believe well-crafted digital content can help our customers support strong relationships with their prospects and clients. To that end, every email, article, video, webinar, and social post we make is based on sound strategy, and honed by a team of professional content makers. Our library contains thousands of resources that are both compelling and compliant.

Below is a brief description of each title we create and how it may be used.

Automated Campaigns

Automated campaigns are ongoing email and social media marketing campaigns that send automatically.

Happy Birthday Email: A cheerful email greeting that sends on each contact’s listed birthday. Emails go out at 6:00 AM PST on the contact’s date of birth.

Holiday Greetings: Professionally designed, visually stunning email greetings sent on New Year's Day, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas/Holiday Season. Unique every year.

Holiday Greetings

Monthly Market Insight: A brief market commentary video and written report that looks at the last month’s market performance, takes a glance at the month ahead, and provides some lighthearted by-the-numbers fun.

Monthly Market Insights

Retirement Insights: Bi-monthly campaign featuring educational videos, infographics, and articles on pre-retirement topics, including estate planning, Social Security, and other content for those not yet in retirement.

Educational Videos

Client Referral Sequence: Quarterly campaign featuring a friendly referral request email, providing new leads by allowing current clients to refer a friend.

Social Foundations: Consistently posts FINRA-reviewed content to social media platforms, including LinkedIn and Facebook, up to five days per week.

Video of the Month: Monthly, informative videos on financial topics sent straight to clients’ and prospects’ inboxes.

Weekly Content

Weekly Market Insights: Insights on the past week’s political news, major legal updates, and market moves, are available each Monday afternoon. Designed to share as-is or edited as preferred. May be sent via email, posted to a blog, or shared from the mobile app in seconds.

Social Media Posts: Five attention-catching, individually curated social media posts per week derived from major financial and news organizations, available through both the web portal and the mobile app.

Timely Emails: Keep in touch with your contacts with the freshest news. Emails are written from a financial professional’s perspective and cover what’s most relevant in economics, finance, and other points of interest. New emails are posted 2-3 times per week, available on both the web portal (via keyword search) and from the mobile app feed.

Monthly Content

Social Sequences: Released monthly, Social Sequences are image-based, ready-to-post social media content.

Monthly Automated Campaigns: Video of the Month and Monthly Market Insights (see above for descriptions) are a great way to automatically keep in touch at a regular cadence.

Quarterly Content

Medicare Newsletter: Originally created for Medicare brokers, the Medicare newsletter is a quarterly email to prospective Medicare Advantage customers covering seasonal tips, important health information, and upcoming enrollment dates.

Annual and Biannual Content

State of the Markets Presentation & Event Kit: Available just after the New Year, this presentation covers major market movements and indicators from the previous year and what might lie ahead. The event kit includes the presentation (webinar or in-person) and a coordinating invitation (digital or print).

Annual State of the Markets Presentation

Halftime Report: This mid-year presentation examines economic development, world events, and other market moves from the current year thus far, and takes a look ahead at predictions for the remaining months of the year. The event kit includes the presentation (webinar or in-person) and a coordinating invitation (digital or print).

Annual Tax Guide, Tax Planning Whitepaper, & Tax Strategies Presentation: Annually updated downloadables that include updated details on tax brackets, legislative changes, Medicare, Social Security, and more.

Anytime/Evergreen Content

Downloadables: Downloadables include ebooks, ad campaigns, events, event kits, printable letters, and more great content.

Lead Generation Pages: Draw prospects in with a marketing campaign that lets them provide their contact information in exchange for a piece of educational collateral such as an ebook.

Awareness Events: Social Media Posts, Timely Emails, Social Sequences, Timely Emails, and more for important calendar events, including Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Older Americans Month, Military Appreciation Month, AAPI Heritage Month, Pride Month, National Hispanic Heritage Month, etc.

Ebooks: Multi-page, beautifully-designed educational resources on financial topics, often used to dive deeper into particular topics of interest or as collateral for lead generation.

Articles: Relevant, actionable financial information that’s perfect for blog posts or driving traffic back to a website.

Infographics & Videos: Polished, professionally-produced data infographics and educational videos for web content.

Beautifully-Illustrated Infographics

Timely Emails: Single emails covering important, topical subjects, searchable by keyword.

Handy Emails: Single email templates designed for practice management, key client communications, subject matter expertise, and more.

Greeting Cards: Sends a paper card in the mail for each contact’s birthday. Cards are processed, printed, and sent eight days beforehand.