How Do I Hold a State of the Markets Event?

The annual State of the Markets presentation is ideal for keeping your clients up-to-date, engaged, and educated on the previous year's financial events. It also includes a look at what financial experts forecast for the upcoming year!

The State of the Markets Presentation is typically released in mid-January each year. Before the presentation's release, the State of the Markets Event Template is made available in early December to help you promote your upcoming event featuring this presentation.

How do you hold a State of the Markets event? In this article, we'll be covering:

The State of the Markets is only available to Premium subscribers.

Creating and Promoting a State of the Markets Event

To create a State of the Markets event:

  1. Navigate to Events > Create Event in your admin:


  2. Next, select the State of the Markets event theme:


  3. When you select the event theme, it populates the Event Builder with the following information:

    • Event Name

    • Description

    • Banner Image


    You can then enter your event details and click "Publish" to send your event to compliance!


  4. After your event is approved by compliance, it is time to promote it!

Promoting Your Event

Once your event has been published, it's time to tell people about it! To promote an upcoming event,

  1. Navigate to Events > My Events. You can promote your event by clicking on the event title, or you can click "Promote" next to the event title on the dashboard:


  2. You’ll be prompted to choose your promotion channel – promote your event via an email sequence or on social media. Each email and social post is preloaded with copy, images, and a link to your event landing page where visitors can register to attend your event.


  3. Click "Preview" to preview the content. Each content piece contains tokens that will be replaced with the details of your event:


  4. After you've selected your promotion channel, click "Use." You can then edit anything/everything about the promotional content available to you!

    • You can easily personalize the emails and social posts in the sequences available to you. Edit the text, images, and cadence of the sequence. Edits will require compliance review, of course.

    • You can also completely customize the message inside the event invite!

Note: Event promotions can only be used once per event. If you promote an event via an email sequence or social sequence, you will not be able to use them again for the event.


Accessing and Downloading State of the Markets

  1. To locate the State of the Markets Presentation and Invitations, first, navigate to Content Library > Downloadables in your admin:

    Untitled design (55)

  2. Here, you can scroll to find the State of the Markets content items or search for "State of the Markets" in the search field:

    Untitled design (54)

  3. Click the "Details" button on the item for a summary or click "Download" to download it right away!

    Untitled design (52)

    The State of the Markets Presentation will be downloaded in a ZIP file that contains the following:

    • PowerPoint presentation

    • Instructions on how you can customize the presentation

    • Editable PDF invitation


    The State of the Markets Invitation will download the invitation only. This will download as an editable PDF. Any fields highlighted in the PDF are editable:


    After you've downloaded the presentation and sent your invites, you can then host your presentation!