"Queued by" Emails

When you send an email through FMG, you will receive a "Queued by" email that serves as an email receipt that:

  1. Confirms an email has been sent from your account.

  2. Provides you and your compliance department (if applicable) a copy/archive of the email being sent and a list of the email recipients.

Here is an example of a "Queued by" email:

  1. Subject Line: The text located within the quotation marks is the subject line of the email being sent on your behalf.

  2. Notification and First and Last Name*: This text notifies you (the user) that we are sending an email on your behalf. This includes your first and last name.

  3. Email Body: This is an exact copy of the email that will be sent (see note about "Greeting Sections" below).

  4. Recipients*: This is a list of contacts that will receive the email.

*These items are only seen by you (the user). The actual recipients will not see these items.

Email with a Greeting Section

Do you have a greeting section in your email? If so, you will see the following greeting token in your email receipt. This greeting token represents where the recipient's name will appear. Your recipient will not see the token; the token is replaced with the recipient's first name.

Who Will Receive the "Queued by" Emails?

The "Queued by" emails are sent to the "Primary Email" listed under Profile>>Contact Information:

Additional email addresses that are receiving notifications (that include the "Queued by" emails) are located in the top-right menu, listed under Settings>> Email Notifications:

Here, you can review the email addresses that are receiving email notifications, and you can also add additional emails you would like to receive email notifications.

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