Using MyRepChat with FMG

How to integrate and use MyRepChat with FMG

If you're using MyRepChat and FMG, you can integrate the two platforms to send marketing content from your FMG Content Library to your contacts via a link in SMS. This integration lets you share articles and other content directly from MyRepChat's web application or mobile app with your contacts.

The content available for use in MyRepChat includes articles and content that you've added specifically to MyRepChat and articles that have been automatically assigned to you.

Setting Up the Integration

  1. To set up the integration, you will need your FMG Customer ID. To locate this, navigate to Profile > Contact Information.

  2. Copy the Customer ID on the top left of the page:

  3. Next, log in to MyRepChat. Go to Settings > Integrations > FMG. Paste your FMG Customer ID in the space provided and click Save.

Using FMG in MyRepChat 

Once FMG is integrated, a new option, 'Content,' will appear when you click the 'Paperclip' icon in MyRepChat.


Click the 'Content' button and the following chat will appear where you can type in the search bar and click the magnifying glass button to search for content.

  • Magnifying Glass Icon: Search for content

  • Eye Icon: Preview the content in your browser

  • Airplane Icon: Send the content to the contact