Special note for Ebix SmartOffice Retail customers. Before connecting FMG Suite to SmartOffice you will need to enable FMG Suite Integration from the SmartOffice application. If you are an Enterprise customer and this setting is not available, contact Ebix directly to enable the FMG Suite integration.

  1. In SmartOffice, Navigate to your User Accounts
  2. Open your User
  3. Select User Rights and in the Integrations section check off FMG Suite

Connecting FMG Suite to SmartOffice

Have your credentials ready – you'll be asked to login to your SmartOffice account when you click Sync Ebix SmartOffice. This is a one-time authentication process that allows us to successfully sync with SmartOffice.

During the syncing process, all of your contacts in your admin will be replaced with your SmartOffice contacts. If you have any contacts in FMG Suite that are not in SmartOffice, export your FMG contacts and add them to SmartOffice prior to syncing.

Choose whether to sync all of your contacts and contact sets or only specified contact sets and their associated contacts. To update your contacts automatically at the end of each day, set up automatic syncing or choose to sync manually and update your contacts on demand.

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