Heads up! You may not have access to this functionality. These "Promote" tools are currently only available to a handful of users. 

Once your event has been published, tell people about it! To promote an upcoming event, first, navigate to Events >> My Events:

Left Nav Bar My Events

You can promote an event by clicking on the event title, or you can click "Promote" next to the event title on the dashboard:

You’ll be prompted to choose your channel – promote your event via email sequence, on social media, or by sending a greeting card. 

Each content piece contains tokens that will be replaced with the details of your event:

Each email and social post also has a link to your event landing page, where visitors can register to attend your event. 

You can also edit anything/everything about the promotional content available to you! 

  • You can easily personalize the emails and social posts in the sequences available to you. Edit the text, images, and cadence of the sequence. Edits will require compliance review, of course. 

  • You can also completely customize the message inside the event invite! 

For now, each content piece can only be used once.

If you send out the email sequence, you cannot send it out again for the same event. 

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