Promoting an Event

How to get the word out about your event via email, social, and print

Event promotions are available to our Attract, Elevate, Marketing Suite Premium, and Marketing Suite Do It For Me clients.

How to Promote an Event

Once your event has been published, it's time to tell people about it! To promote an upcoming event:

  1. Navigate to Events > My Events in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard:

  2. You can promote an event by clicking on the event title, or you can click "Promote" next to the event title on the dashboard:

  3. You'll be prompted to choose your channel–promote your event via email sequence, on social media, or by sending a greeting card.

    Each email and social post also has a link to your event landing page, where visitors can register to attend your event.

  4. You can edit anything or everything about the promotional content available!

    • You can easily personalize the emails and social posts in the sequences available. Edit the text, images, and cadence of the sequence. Edits will require compliance review, of course.

    • You can also completely customize the message inside the event invite!

  5. Additionally, you have the option to send test emails to yourself, allowing you to preview the appearance of these promotional emails.

Please note that these test emails will not auto-fill with your event information. However, this information will be filled in automatically on the actual email. Below is an example of a test email.

For now, each content piece can only be used once. If you send out the email sequence, you cannot send it out again for the same event. 

Event Reminder Emails

After registering for an event, an email will be sent to the registrant with the details. The registrant will also receive these reminder emails:

  1. The first event reminder email is sent immediately after they register for the event. (Note: If someone RSVPs for your event, they will not receive any more event promotion emails.)

  2. The second event reminder email is sent 24-48 hours before the event is scheduled to start.

After an individual has received a promotional email and RSVP'd for the event, they will be removed from additional promotional email sends. This feature is not available for events with custom registration links.