Social media and email make it as easy as clicking a button to reach out to your prospects, but the messages sent through those channels can feel impersonal. If you are looking for an unexpected but classic way to keep in touch, send a greeting card!

Subscribers with access to this feature can now choose from a selection of pre-written greeting cards that have been approved by compliance and are ready to be sent — just choose a card and send it right from your admin!

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Meet & Greet: Getting to Know Our New Greeting Cards

Accessing Greeting Cards

To send a greeting card, first, navigate to Content library >> Greeting Cards in your admin. Find a card by scrolling or by filtering by category:

Tip: If you would like to send a completely custom card, choose a card in the Note Card category. 

Greeting Card Preview

Preview your greeting card by clicking the "Details" button or click "Send" to get started right away. You will have the chance to review your card and write a custom message before sending it!

Choose Your Audience

Once you have decided on a card, it is time to choose your audience. You may choose to send to all of your contacts, a group, or an individual. Cards can only be sent to contacts with an address in place. 

Our system recognizes when multiple contacts share an address and groups those contacts together to prevent multiple cards from sending to one household. If those contacts share a last name as well as an address, the greeting card will be addressed to each person's first name and the shared last name. This is called householding.

Householding FAQs:

What happens if I send a greeting card to contacts that share an address?

  • We will combine the contacts and just send one card to the address.

How will the card be addressed?

This all depends on the contacts' last names.

  • If they share a mailing address and have the same last name, we’ll address the card to the last name of the family:
  • If they share a mailing address but have different last names, we will address the card to both names:
  • If they share a mailing address but not everyone has the same last name, we will combine the contacts with a shared last name and separately greet those with a different last name. They will still only receive one card at the household.

Get a refresher on updating contacts or importing contacts as a CSV.

After you select your audience, you may edit the custom message of your greeting card. Be sure to include your name (as you wish for it to appear on the card), so that your clients know who the greeting card is coming from. Click "Preview" for a preview of your message. When you are happy with your card, click "Next":

Sending Your Greeting Card

Send your card now or schedule its delivery for a future date. Due to the unpredictability of the U.S. mail, delivery dates are an estimate.

Once your card is scheduled to be sent, you will have the opportunity to review your greeting card order. If the card design, delivery date, number of cards, and total cost look correct, click "Confirm" and your cards will be sent — without a trip to the post office!

Take a look at the cards you have sent in the past by clicking "Card History." This also shows the date the card was delivered and the occasion. Click “Preview” to check out the old card to make sure you are keeping your messages fresh!

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