Adding a Custom Rotator

How to add your own graphics and content to your homepage rotator.

To add a custom rotator to your homepage:

  1. Navigate first to Website > Rotator

  2. If your rotator is currently automatically configured, which means it is automatically updated with content from your Content Library, you must disable the Automatic Configuration setting to customize the rotator manually and include your own content.

  3. When manually configured, you will see an "Add Rotator" button. Click the "Add Rotator" button.

  4. Once you click the "Add Rotator" button, you will be taken to a new screen where you will enter the following:

    • Title: Rotator title.

    • Url: This Url will be applied to the "Learn More" button and the banner image.

    • Description: Rotator description.

    • Banner Image: The rotator banner image will be 2000 x 1200 pixels on your homepage, so be sure your image is at least that large and keep that aspect ratio in mind. If you have an image that exceeds the maximum size for uploading, you can click here for assistance with resizing it.

      Below is an example of how each of these fields will be populated on your custom rotator:


  5. Publish your new rotator slide to send it to compliance.

  6. Turn your new rotator on by selecting the "On" checkbox next to the rotator and click "Publish" to save your rotator configuration.

  7. If you'd like to preview your new rotator on your website, click "Preview Website."

  8. If your new rotator is toggled "on" when approved by compliance, it will be automatically added to your website in the order it appears in your rotator list. If it is not "on," you must turn it on after compliance approval.