To add a custom rotator to your homepage, navigate first to Website >> Rotator

If your rotator is currently automatically configured — meaning it is automatically updated with content from your Content Library — you will need to switch the rotator to Manual Configuration so you can add your own content: 

When manually configured, you will see an "Add Rotator" button:

Click that "Add Rotator" button and you will be taken to a new screen where you will enter:

  1. The rotator image (the banner image will be 630 x 300 pixels on your homepage — so be sure you're image is at least that large and keep that aspect ratio in mind)

  2. The rotator content: title and description

  3. The rotator URL: this will be applied to the "Learn More" button and to the rotator image

Got an image that's too large to upload? Click here for
some help resizing that image!

Below is an example of how each of these fields will be populated on your custom rotator:

Once you've built your rotator, take the following steps to preview your rotator and submit your new content to compliance:

  1. Save your custom rotator as a draft.

  2. Turn your new rotator "on" (see screenshot below) and "Publish" the full rotator.

  3. Preview your website. 

  4. Make any necessary changes to your rotator and "Publish" the new rotator to submit it to compliance when you're ready. 

  5. If your new rotator is still "on" once you've submitted it to compliance, that rotator will be added to your live site immediately upon approval! 

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