To review your upcoming and past events, simply navigate to Events >> My Events

Left Nav Bar My Events

On your "My Events" section, you can:

  • Edit upcoming events

  • View who has registered to attend your event

  • Create new events from scratch or by copying a previous event 

  • "Hide" old events from the "Past Events" section on your website

  • Revisit any events you created and saved as a "draft"

  • Delete events

Viewing RSVPs

To see who has registered to attend an event, simply click the number in the RSVP column on your "My Events" page: 

Upcoming Events

Hiding Past Events

Once an event is over, we will automatically move that event into a "Past Events" section on your main "Events" page. You can easily hide a past event by checking "Hide" here, on your "My Events" page: 

Hide Past Events
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