Adding an event to your website is as simple as filling out a form! Below are the details you can add about each event:

  • Event Organizer Name 
  • Event Organizer Email
  • Event Presenter Name 
  • Image - the graphic you add here will appear on the event detail page.
  • Event Name
  • Summary - this content will appear on your "Events" page. It's meant to entice people to click on the event to get more information. 
  • Content - this content will appear on the event detail page. This is a good space to include any necessary details attendees will need to know - anything they need to bring or the itinerary for the event. 
  • Time Zone
  • Start Date/Time
  • End Date/Time
  • Website
  • Event Category
  • Location Name
  • Address - we will automatically generate a link to a Google map with the details you enter here
  • Allow people to register - enable this feature to include an option for visitors to register for your event and subscribe to your campaigns! 
  • Hide event - enable this option to keep your event from appearing on your website until you're ready to invite the masses! 
  • Expiration date - the event will be removed from your site on the date that you enter here. If you don't include an expiration date, the event will remain on your "Events" section. You may opt to keep past events on your site to demonstrate to prospects that your firm is dedicated to educating - and appreciating! - your clients.
    Note: you can always delete events by navigating to the "My Events" section. 
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