To create a new event, simply navigate to Events >> Create Event:

At the top of the event builder, some users will see a few Event Themes to choose from: 

Select a theme and we will populate the following fields on your event - all of which can be edited to your heart's content!

  • Event Name
  • Description
  • Landing Page Header Image

Whether your start from scratch or from a theme, the following fields are required on the event builder: 

  • Event Name
  • Description
  • Event Date + Time 
  • Location Name

Private or Invite-Only Events

Got an event that you don't want listed on your main "Events" page, for anyone to find and register for? Easy!

Simply select the "hide from event list" checkbox: 

When this option is enabled, you can simply share the URL of your event landing page with the clients and prospects you want to invite to your event!

Registration Options

In the "Registration Options" section of the event builder, you can control:

  • Whether or not the "Register" button/form is visible on your event (perhaps you don't want to collect registrations through your website)
  • How many people can register for your event
  • When the "Register" button is removed from your website (basically, when registration closes for your event)

You can also add a special message ("details for people who register") that will be shared only with the people who register for your event. This message will be included in the TWO confirmation emails that we send to your registrants: 

  1. The first email is sent immediately after they register for the event
  2. The second email is sent ~24 hours before the event is scheduled to start 

Note: once your first event is approved, "Events" will be added to
your navigation automatically. You can always remove/move
this nav item if you'd like! Simply
navigate to Website >> Navigation
to make your edits. 

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