Why Doesn't Monthly Market Insights Go Out on the First of the Month?

Monthly Market Insights is a monthly email campaign that provides your clients with a market recap of the prior month. We strive to be as thorough as possible with our recap, so our experts wait until the markets close each month before writing the recap.

Because of this approach, Monthly Market Insights typically sends to your clients and prospects around the 7th of the month. A lot of things happen in that first week of the month:

  1. Once markets close on the last trading day of the month, our team gets straight to work, writing a thorough recap of the markets that month.

  2. Taking that recap, we write a concise video script, hitting the major points of discussion.

  3. Animating the high-quality video takes a couple of days. Once we’re done with that, coding the pages and setting up the email takes a few more days.

  4. Getting the finished piece approved through compliance can take a few days too. If your Broker Dealer has set it to auto-approve, we submit the Monthly Market Insights through FINRA, so you don’t experience further compliance delays.

The process takes about a week, which is a small price to pay for such a fantastic marketing tool as Monthly Market Insights.