Why Isn’t This New Content on My Site Yet?

When we release new website content, it doesn’t immediately become available on your website. This may be for one of several reasons:

Your website hasn't updated yet

It can take several minutes to hours after you get an email from us about your new content before your website cache is updated. Until this happens, the content won’t appear in your website's Recommended Content or Hero Rotator sections. It may, however, appear in the Resource section of your website.

Compliance hasn’t approved it yet

If your broker-dealer is not set to auto-approve our content if it has a FINRA letter, chances are your broker-dealer has not yet approved the new content you’re looking for. The time compliance takes to approve new content varies by broker-dealer.

Compliance rejected the content

If it’s been several weeks or months since the content was released and you still haven’t seen it added to your website, your compliance department has likely rejected the content. There could be several reasons for a compliance department to reject a piece of content, but one of the most common is that the content piece in question discusses a product or strategy that your broker-dealer doesn’t approve of.