First, navigate to the page you want to add your link to and open the section where you'd like to add the link. 

Highlight the text you want to apply your link to, then click the "Insert/Edit Link" icon:

A new window will open, where you will enter:

  • URL: The link you want to apply to the highlighted text (ex/

  • Text to display: This will be populated by the text you highlighted - no need to edit!

  • Title: The text you enter here will appear when visitors hover over your link. This is not a required field. 

  • Target: "None" will open the link in the same window. You can select "New Window" to open the link in a new tab. 

Click "Ok," save your changes as a draft and preview your page to be sure the link is working. 

If you need to edit your link, simply highlight the link and click the "Insert/Edit Link" icon again. You will see the content you previously entered here, available to edit. 

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