See an article or video that you don't think belongs on your site? Or perhaps an entire category you want to remove? Easy!

How to remove an individual content piece from the Content Library

If you want to be sure a specific piece of content cannot be viewed on your website, you simply need to turn that content piece "off" in the Content Library by unchecking the checkbox next to the content piece:

Content Off

Remove a Category from the Content Library 

If you want to remove an entire category of content from your website, click the "gear" icon dropdown on the Content Library and click "Select Website Topics":

Select Website Topics

Under the Your Current Mix section, simply uncheck the categories you don't want to appear on your site and click "Publish"

If you turn off a specific piece of content or remove an entire category from the Content Library, that content will not appear:

  • in your website's "Resource Center"

  • in your Social Foundations Campaign

  • on your homepage rotator 

You will continue to see this content in the "Content Library" section of your admin, just so you have the option to turn it on at any time. You will not be able to share this content via social or email it if is off. 

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