So you've found a video you want to add to your site? Great! 


Start on YouTube, looking at the page with the video you want to embed. For example, 

On this page, click "Share" and you will several options appear beneath the video. Navigate to the "Embed" tab:

Go ahead and copy that embed code. (Keep the YouTube page open, in case you need to grab that code again!)

If you need additional assistance, YouTube has a great step-by-step guide on getting embed codes for their content. 

I've got my embed code, now what?

Once you have the embed code copied, you'll need to navigate to the page you'd like to add your video to in your FMG Suite admin.
On that page, you will need to add an HTML Code section to your page:

Simply paste your embed code into the HTML Code section, and click "Save Draft" to preview the page. 

Happy with your video? Be sure to "Publish" to submit your page to compliance!

Other Video Hosting Platforms

Your video may be hosted on another platform, like Vimeo. See below for some additional documentation on these video hosting platforms:

If you have a video from a 3rd party — your Broker Dealer or perhaps a marketing firm — simply ask them to provide you with the embed code and follow the steps above to add the video to your site. 

Thinking about making your video autoplay?
Click here for some advice!

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