Once you've added your team members to your admin and are ready to build a new page dedicated to your team, navigate to Website >> Pages:

Create a new page by clicking "Add Page:"

On your new page, click "Add Section," then navigate to Widgets >> Team Members:

Once you've added the "Team Members" section, you can choose which team members appear here by navigating to the "Show" dropdown on the right-hand side. You'll see you can choose to show either a group of team members or all team members: 

You can also sort your team members to display them in a particular order:

If you choose not to sort them alphabetically (like the graphic above), simply drag and drop your team members into the ideal order. 

You can select the layout for your team section by selecting "List" or "Grid" in the "Team Layout" dropdown:

Simply save your page as a draft to preview each layout and decide which is ideal for your team. 

If you decide to use the "List" layout, you have the option to display either the summary or full bios for your team members. 

If you choose to display a "Summary" of the bios, a "Read More" button will appear alongside each team member, taking visitors to a page dedicated to their bio.
If you choose to display the "Full Bios," each team member will appear alongside their full bio text. 

At the bottom of this article are some examples of these
different layout and bio options.

Finally, click "Show/Hide Stuff" to further customize the appearance of your team page/section. Here, you'll see the options to show or hide the following features:

  • headline

  • positions

  • profile photos

  • phone numbers

  • fax numbers

  • email links

  • summaries

  • social icons

  • "Read More" link 

Got a big team? Perhaps a search bar would make your team page a bit easier to browse.
Simply click "Add Section," navigate to Widgets >> Team Member Search:

Note: you can add a Team section to any page on your site. Simply add a "Team Members" widget to any page!

"List" Layout displaying "Summary" Bios

"List" Layout displaying "Full Bios"

"Grid" Layout

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