To add additional team members, navigate to Website >> Team Members:

Next, click "Add New Team Member" to launch a form that you will complete with the team member's biographical information:

Note: Here you are building a new team member profile. When you build your team page, you can choose what profile details are displayed in the "Show/Hide Stuff" section. 

When adding a profile picture for a team member, be sure the headshot is no larger than 5MB.

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You can also add the new team member (or multiple team members) to a group by selecting the team member(s) and clicking "Add to Team Group:"

Grouping team members will allow you to build team pages/sections with only that group of team members displayed. Below is a screenshot from the "Team Members" widget: 

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To remove a team member, simply select that team member from the table and click "Delete:"

You also have the option to select all team members by clicking the checkbox at the top of the table.

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