When you're ready to send your custom email, simply click "Send Email" on the top right-hand corner of the custom email builder:

Next, you will choose the contacts to whom you want to send your email:

You can send your email to:

  • All contacts

  • A predefined group of contacts

  • Multiple groups of contacts

  • A handful of an individual email address

To send your email to one or more groups, choose to Send to a group and select the groups that you would like to include in your audience. 

To send your email to an individual email address, select Send to an Individual. Start typing their email address and choose the contact from the list. 

Once you've selected your audience, you will choose when to send your email:

You can either:

  • Send ASAP: Your email will be sent as soon as it's approved by compliance.

  • Schedule a future date: Your email will be sent at a future date of your choosing as long as it's been approved by compliance (if not approved in time, your email will not send).

Lastly, you will confirm the (1) audience and (2) send date you selected. You can edit any of these settings here or click Send Email to schedule. 

Think you'll send this email again? Save your email as a template for future use. 

Once you've clicked "Send Email", your email will appear under Email >> History.

If your email is still pending compliance approval or is scheduled to send at a later date, you can still edit your email. Click here to learn how! 

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