Our Prewritten Email feature allows you to save copies of the emails you find yourself sending most often, giving you a suite head start whenever you need to send one of these messages. 

To save an email as a Prewritten Email template, first, navigate to Email >> Send Email:

There are two ways to create and save a new Prewritten Email:

  1. Select the "Browse Prewritten Emails" button on the right-hand corner of this page:

In the Prewritten Emails modal, select "Create a custom email template." This is the method you would use to create a custom email template from scratch.

2. You can also choose to save an email as a Prewritten Email in the last step of the sending process

Once you save your Prewritten Email, it will be available in the "Browse Prewritten Email" section in the Email Builder to use, edit, or delete.

  1. Use This Template: Start a new email using the selected prewritten email template.

  2. Edit: Edit the master copy of the email template. You will not have the option to send the email while editing, only to save your changes.

  3. Delete: Delete the prewritten email template.

Note: Prewritten emails are not pre-approved by compliance. Each time you start from a Prewritten Email, the email will need to be approved by compliance before it is sent. 

Connect™ and Attract™ users also have access to a library

of Prewritten Emails written by FMG Suite.

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