We recommend using Cognito Forms, Jotform, or Wufoo to build a free custom form that you can embed on your website.

Once built and added to your site, you will need to log into your Cognito, Jotform, or Wufoo account to update the form and its settings. The form is not controlled by FMG Suite. 

Note: There are limits to forms' functionality and style when building free forms with these services. For the vast majority of purposes, these form builders will get the job done. 

Cognito Forms

Once you've built your form, you will see a "Publish" tab at the top of your Cognito Forms admin. Click "Publish" and you'll see an embed code available to copy. Be sure you select the "Iframe" embed code:

Cognito Iframe Code

You'll also see a "Style Editor" tab, where you can update the appearance of your form. 


Once you've built your form, you will see a "More" option next to your form on the homepage of your Jotform admin. Click "Publish Form":

Jotform Publish Form

A new window will appear. Navigate to the "Embed" section and choose "iFrame" from the Embed Options dropdown. Copy the code.  

Publish Iframe Code


Once you've built your form, head to the "Form Manager" section of your Wufoo admin. Click the Share Form icon next to the form:

Wufoo Share Form

On the next page, you'll want to scroll down to find the "Embed a form on your website" section. Choose "iFrame" and copy the code.

Wufoo Iframe Code

I've got my embed code, now what?

Once you have the embed code copied, you'll need to navigate to the page you'd like to add your form to in your FMG Suite admin.

On that page, you will need to add an HTML Code section to your page:

Simply paste your embed code into the HTML Code section, and click "Save Draft" and then "Preview Website" to preview your form. 

You can test the form on your preview site to be sure it's working the way you'd like. Here are some examples of items you may want to test:

  • Is the completed form being sent to the correct email address?

  • Does the correct message display after the form is completed?

These settings are controlled by the form builder you used — not by FMG Suite.

In order to update these and any other settings, you'll need to log into your Cognito Forms, Wufoo, or Jotform accounts. Here's some help documentation that may help:

Happy with your form? Be sure to "Publish" to submit your form to compliance! If you have saved it as a draft, you can navigate to the Drafts section of your admin to select and publish the changes.

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