The FMG Suite Mobile App makes it easy for you to discover and share timely content. Push notifications allow us to “tap the shoulder” when new content is available. The App is designed to be simple, and you can share an email or social post in less than a minute! Download the FMG Suite Mobile App to access*:

  • Timely content feed

  • Seasonal and Holiday content

  • Push notifications for new content

  • Marketing Calendar

*The App will be available for use for the following subscriptions: Connect, Attract, and Elevate.

In this article, we'll be covering:

  1. Where can I download the App?

  2. Mobile App Interface

  3. How to Preview and Share Content

  4. Compliance

  5. Push Notifications

Watch the video tour below or scroll down for instructions on how to set up this campaign!

Where can I download the App?

The FMG Suite Mobile App is available for download in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once downloaded, your login credentials for the App are the same as your FMG Suite desktop login credentials.

Having trouble finding your username or password? Click here.

Mobile App Interface

Custom Content Feed

Check out our timely content in our Custom Content feed. Our award-winning creative team publishes newsworthy, “current-events” content at least twice a week. In addition to newsworthy topics, seasonal and holiday content will also be published here.

Headlines (Curator)

Curator is our AI-driven, content tool that searches the web for relevant, compliance-likely content, which helps you and your clients stay up to date with current events, relevant to their interests and needs. Also, the more you use Curator, the more it learns about what you love – so, interact with it often! You can find Curator in the "Headlines" section of the App.

Marketing Calendar

What’s the compliance status of that email I sent? Who opened the last email? The Marketing Calendar looks 2 weeks in the future and 2 weeks in the past:

  • You can see content scheduled to send in the next 14 days

  • You can see content that sent in the last 14 days

Note, not all content is visible in the Marketing Calendar.

Click here for details on what is displayed in the Marketing Calendar.

How to Preview and Share Content

Scroll through the content feed to browse our content, and when you're ready to preview the piece, just click on it!

Screen Recording 2021-07-08 at 01.02.28 PM

Currently, content can only be shared as-is using the App. You cannot edit content in the App before you share it. If you have content you'd like to edit, you'll have to access that content on your desktop.

Ready to share content? After opening the content piece, click on the share button to continue:

Here, you will be able to choose your audience and schedule your send.

  1. Social Network* or Recipients**:

    • *Social Content: You can select which social networks you'd like to post to. By default, all of your integrated social networks will be selected. Click the pencil icon here if you'd like to select specific social networks to post to

    • **Email Content: You will have the option to send to all contacts or to specific groups

  2. Timing:

    • Send ASAP: The content piece will be shared as soon as possible, once it has been approved by compliance (if necessary)

    • Schedule a future date: The content piece will be sent on a future date you select, as long as it has been approved by compliance (if necessary)

  3. Compliance Status: Here, you will see the compliance status of the content piece

  4. Swipe Up To Share: Swipe up to share, and your post will go through compliance approval (as applicable) and be sent to your contacts before you know it


Direct Compliance

Content will follow the same compliance rules that we have in place on the desktop.

  • Social Posts

    • If your Program has social compliance enabled, the post will be submitted to compliance

    • If your Program has social compliance disabled, the post will skip compliance

  • Emails

    • If your Program has “Pre-Approved” the email, it will skip compliance

    • If your Program has not yet reviewed the email, it will be submitted to compliance

Self-Managed Compliance

For users that have self-managed compliance, you will get the following option whenever you send content that requires compliance approval from the App:

  • Approve Now

    • The compliance case will be approved - just like when you click "Approve" in Compliance on your desktop

    • The case will be visible in Compliance History. If necessary, you can access this case to download a PDF for compliance

  • Approve Later

    • The case can be reviewed/approved from your desktop, just like today

    • The case can be reviewed and approved from the Mobile App Marketing Calendar

Push Notifications

Turn on your app notifications, and we will send you a notification about two or three times a week to let you know when new content is available to share.

Want to learn more about the FMG Suite Mobile App?

You can find additional help articles here and FAQs here.

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