With FMG Suite Elevate, you have access to submit an order request for seasonal magazines right from your dashboard!

To order seasonal magazines, first, navigate to the Branding Page by clicking on “Branding” in the left navigation:

The Branding and Customization page will give you an overview of the printed materials that we offer.

To submit an order request for seasonal magazines, fill out the form on this page:

Here are some things to note when you are completing this form:

  • "What Would You Like Completed?": Select "Design & Print" to have the seasonal magazine design and printed.

  • "What Would You Like to Order?": Here is where you would select "Seasonal Magazine."

  • "How Would You Like it Delivered?": Select either "Mail to Me" to have it drop-shipped to you, or select "Mail to Contacts" to have them mailed directly to your contacts.

  • "How Many Would You Like to Order?": Here you can specify how many magazines you would like to order.

  • "Any Questions, Notes, Special Requests For Us?": If you have any special requests or any information you'd like your Marketing Strategist to know about, enter it in here. (For example, we have two versions of the seasonal magazine: On Wealth and Perspective. You can enter a note in this field for which version you'd like to select.)

Once you are ready to submit your order request, click "Submit My Request." Alternatively, you can call your Marketing Strategist at 877-421-5593 to place an order.

After you submit your order request, your Marketing Strategist will reach out to you within 48 business hours to confirm the details of your order.

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