Export Your Contact List from Constant Contact

To export your contact list from Constant Contact, in your Constant Contact Dashboard:

  1. Click "Contacts" in the menu located on the top of your page.

  2. Click on the "Contacts" section on the Contacts page. Note: If you are looking to export a specific contact list, you can go to the "Lists" section and select specific lists you would like to export.

  3. Select all of the contacts you would like to export:

4. Click the Actions drop-down menu, and select "Export":

5. In the Export pop-up window, you will be able to select the fields you would like to export. If you have contacts that are segmented into Contact Lists, make sure to check the "Lists" field to make sure they remain segmented. Note: The required contact information fields within FMG are: Email, First Name, and Last Name.

6. Once you are done selecting the fields you would like to include, click "Export":

7. Once your .CSV file is ready for download, you will need to click the "Download CSV" button to download the file:

Questions about exporting contacts from Constant Contact?

Great, you have now exported your Constant Contact contact list!

A couple of notes regarding your contact list .CSV file before we begin the import to FMG Suite:

  1. You will have the option to "map" the data in your .CSV to various categories during the import process.

  2. It is required to have the First Name and Last Name in separate columns.

Import Your Contacts to FMG Suite

Next, you will want to import your contacts to your FMG Suite admin. With your .CSV file saved, open your FMG Suite admin and navigate to Contacts >> Manage Contacts:

On the right-hand corner of your Contacts page, click the gear icon to find the option to "Import CSV":

Import CSV

Drag and drop your .CSV file or click "Browse or Drop Your File Here" to search for the file. Click "Upload" when you are ready to proceed.

Next, you'll be able to map your imported document to various contact fields. Here is a list of the contact fields that you can populate within FMG Suite:

  • First Name (required)

  • Last Name (required)

  • Nickname (optional)

  • Gender (optional)

  • Birth Date (optional)

  • Client Anniversary (optional)

  • Marital Status (optional)

  • Email (required)

  • Phone (optional)

  • Group* (optional) - Use this column to assign your contacts to "Groups." You can include as many groups here as you'd like. These groups can be separated by a comma or by a vertical line ( | ). Once imported, these contacts will be assigned to the groups listed in the group column. Click here for more information on "Groups."

Here, you are assigning the various columns in your .CSV to the available contact fields in your admin. To the right of this table, you will see a preview — this will show how the settings here will apply to your import.

*If you have contacts that are segmented into Contact Lists (aka groups) from Constant Contact, during the import process you will need to check the box for "Show unmapped fields," locate the Email Lists header and select "Groups":

When you are happy with how that preview looks - complete the import by clicking "Upload Contacts."

Great job! You have now uploaded your contacts into your FMG Suite admin!

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