New to the FMG Suite platform and not sure where to get started? In this article, we will review the necessary setup items.

We will be reviewing and setting up the following:

  1. Update Your Profile: (Contact Information, Logo, and Disclosure)

  2. Import Your Contacts

  3. How To Navigate the Content Library

We also have a video walkthrough, if you'd like to view that. Let's get started!

Update Your Profile

First, let's review your contact information. In the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard, navigate to Profile>>Contact Information:

On the Contact Information page, make sure your contact information is all up-to-date. Please note, these are required fields:

  • Display Name (this is the name you wish to display on outgoing communications)

  • Company Name

  • Address 1

  • City

  • Region

  • Postal Code

  • Primary Email

  • Primary Phone

Once you review and complete your contact information, click "Publish" to send your contact information to compliance:

Next, let's review your logo to make sure it is up-to-date by navigating to Profile>>Logo:

Review your logo. If you need to add or update your logo, hover over the "Update Image" button and then click "Update Logo":

Once you are done, click "Publish" to send your logo to compliance.

Next, let's review or enter your disclosure. In the navigation pane located on the left side of the page, navigate to Profile>>Disclosures:

Review or edit your disclosure, and click "Publish" to send your disclosure to compliance.

Remember, these profile items need to be approved by compliance before they are live. If you have self-managed compliance, navigate to the compliance page located on the right-hand side of the top menu. If you have direct compliance, your items should be reviewed by your compliance department soon.

Nice job! Now that your profile set-up is complete, let's move on to importing your contacts!

Import Your Contacts

Next, you'll want to import your contacts to your FMG Suite admin. We will be doing a walk-through on how to import your contacts using a .CSV file.

  • Need to export your contacts from Constant Contact? Click here to learn more!

  • Do you house your contacts in a CRM? Click here for a list of supported contact integrations and how to sync your contacts.

First, let's be sure your contact list has all the necessary details:

In the example document above, you'll see columns for:

  • First Name* (required)

  • Last Name* (required)

  • Nickname (optional)**

  • Gender (optional)

  • Birth Date (optional)

  • Client Anniversary (optional)

  • Marital Status (optional)

  • Email (required)

  • Phone (optional)

  • Group (optional) - Use this column to assign your contacts to "Groups." You can include as many groups here as you'd like. These groups can be separated by a comma or by a vertical line ( | ). Once imported, these contacts will be assigned to the groups listed in this column. Click here for more information on "Groups."

*It is required that you split full names into two columns: First Name and Last Name.
**If you want to address your contacts by their nickname (instead of first name), be sure to include this field as well!

Note: the column headers in your .CSV file do not need to match the above. You will have the option to "map" the data in your .CSV to these various categories once you import (see screenshot at the bottom of this article).

If your contact list is in Excel format, you will want to save it as an .CSV file:

With your .CSV file saved, open your FMG Suite admin and navigate to Email >> Contacts:

On the right-hand corner of your Contacts page, click the gear icon to find the option to "Import CSV":

Import CSV

Drag and drop your .CSV file or click "Browse or Drop Your File Here" to search for the file. Click "Upload" when you are ready to proceed.

Next, you'll be able to map your imported document to various contact fields:

Here, you are assigning the various columns in your .CSV to the available contact fields in your admin. To the right of this table, you'll see a preview — this will show how the settings here will apply to your import.

When you are happy with how that preview looks - complete the import by clicking "Upload Contacts."

Great, you have now uploaded your contacts!

How To Navigate the Content Library

Now that you have your profile set up and your contacts imported, it's time to start exploring the Content Library! The FMG Suite Content Library is filled with articles, videos, whitepapers, and more! Read on to learn more about navigating the Content Library.

To find a piece of content, click Content Library in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard:

Here, you can start exploring the Content Library!

You can navigate through the content by:

  1. Search Bar: Use this to quickly find what you are looking for by searching by title, topic, or type of content.

  2. Content-Type: Filtering by content type is easy – choose Web Content, Emails, Social Posts, Greeting Cards, Downloadables, or check out everything in the Content Library.

  3. Content Collections: If you are just browsing, check out Collections! We have curated our favorite web content into Collections by topic to make it easier for you to find your next favorite piece.

Now that you know how to navigate the Content Library, learn how to share content via email!

Video Walkthrough

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