The Weekly Market Insights (WMI) is our weekly market commentary. It is comprised of the following sections:

  • Market Insights

  • Food for Thought

  • Tax Tip

  • Healthy Living Tip

  • Weekly Riddle

  • Photo of the Week

You can customize the WMI by adding text or deleting any sections you don’t want to share. When you choose to share the WMI by email, click "Edit Email" in the email builder:

Our sectional editing tool makes it easy to customize the email! Find the section you would like to edit or remove, and you will find the following options:

  1. Add Section: click the "+" icon to add a section to the email.

  2. Sort Up/Down: use these arrows to move your section up or down on the page.

  3. Duplicate: use this to create a duplicate of a particular section and give yourself a head start on a new section.

  4. Delete: remove the section from your email.

  5. Image Link: click the "link" icon next to an element in your section to add or edit an external image link destination.*

  6. Edit: click the "pencil" icon next to an element in your section to edit that element.

  7. Image Alignment: use the drop-down menu to select an image alignment position.*

*These options only appear in image sections.

Once you are done editing your email, you can send it by clicking "Send Email":

Note: Your email will need to be approved by compliance before it is sent to your contacts. If the WMI has not yet been approved by your compliance department, you can still schedule it to send. Once it has been approved, it will automatically send out to your clients.

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