If you're planning to host webinars or already doing so, here's a quick guide on how to to use your all FMG Suite tools to get the most value from hosting webinars.

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You will have to use a third-party webinar hosting app. Below are some of the popular options we've seen advisors use with our tools. Check out our help articles on how to create and set up a webinar event on a particular app:

Creating a Webinar Event On Your FMG Suite Website Tools

Once you have your webinar created on your third-party webinar app, add it to your FMG Suite website by using your Event Builder. This allows you to feature your event in a public location, describe the topic and content of your webinar, and send your clients to a page where they can register for the webinar. Learn how to create an event in this article.

Depending on which webinar-hosting app you're using, you'll add your webinar to your events page either in the description or the "Use Custom Registration Link" option. This will depend on whether your webinar-hosting app uses a registration page or a Join URL.

Webinar-Hosting App with a Join URL
A Join URL is a shareable URL that takes you directly into the webinar room. There's no registration page to sign up for the webinar, but your clients will need a Join URL and a password/pin to enter the webinar. 

If you have a webinar-hosting app that provides you a Join URL, you can use your FMG Suite events page as your registration page for your webinar. Simply create your event, and in the section "Details for people who register", add your Join URL and the password/pin if there is one. Everyone who registered via your FMG Suite event page will get this information in their confirmation and reminder emails. 

A popular webinar-hosting app with a join URL is Zoom.

Webinar-Hosting App with a Registration Page

If your webinar-hosting app already has a registration page, then you won't need to have people register for your event via your FMG Suite event page. Instead, you can redirect people who visit your FMG Suite event page to register on your webinar-hosting app's registration page. 

Create your event and under the "Registration Options", checkmark the box for "use custom registration link". Then paste the Registration Page URL that you obtain from your webinar-hosting app. This will deactivate FMG Suite's default registration button, and use your custom registration link in its place. 

Popular webinar-hosting apps with a registration page are GoToWebinar and LiveStorm.

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