FMG Suite can integrate with MyRepChat to provide content from your FMG Suite marketing library directly to your contacts via a link in SMS from both the MyRepChat web application and mobile app.

Content available for use in MyRepChat consists of articles/content you specifically added to MyRepChat and articles that are automatically assigned. 


To add FMG Suite to MyRepChat, simply log into your admin, retrieve your Customer ID from your profile, and paste it into MyRepChat FMG Suite integration section.

To find your Customer ID in FMG Suite, navigate to Profile>>Contact Information:

Profile Contact Info

Copy the Customer ID located on the upper right of the page:

Next, log in to MyRepChat. Go to Settings >> Integrations >> FMG Suite. Paste your FMG Suite Customer ID in the space provided and click Save.

Using FMG Suite in MyRepChat 

Once FMG Suite is integrated, a new button will appear in your chat window.

When that button is clicked, a dialog appears where you can type in search text and click the magnifying glass button.

The eye will allow you to preview the content in your browser. The airplane will send the content to the contact.

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