If you have a PDF that you would like to send to contacts via email but you'd rather not send it as an attachment, you can link to it in the body of your email.

To include a PDF link in an email, first, navigate to your dashboard and select Email >>  Send Email:

PDFs can be linked in Text sections. Choose which Text section you'd like to add your PDF link to. To add or edit the text that appears in that section, click on the box that reads "Your email content goes here":

Compose your message and when you are ready to add your PDF, click the paper clip icon. 

Add a title and click Choose File to upload a PDF from your computer. Click Save to continue. 

When your PDF link has been added, you will be able to continue editing the text in that section. Click Done when you're finished with that section. 

Preview or Send a Test Email to see what your contacts will see when they view your email.

Here is an example of how it appears in an email:

Ready to send? Read this for a how-to on sending custom emails!

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