Sometimes, you’d like to send an email that comes from you. At other times, it may be more appropriate for the email to come from your company. FMG Suite gives you the option to choose your sender – send your message from your Display Name or from your Company Name – when sending custom emails and email sequences. 

First, navigate to Profile>>Contact Information in the navigation pane on the left side of your dashboard:

Left Nav Contact Info

Here you can add a Display Name and a Company Name, if necessary, to your Contact Information page.

If a Display Name isn't present, your primary email address will be used as the sender. If the Display and Company names match, you'll still receive the option to send from either, however, the Display Name will be the default.

When scheduling a standalone or sequential email to send, you will be able to select a specific sender. No matter which sender you choose, the email will be sent from your primary email address. 

Your emails will look slightly different, based on the sender, when they land in your contact’s inbox. When sending from a Company Name, the company name is shown as the sender. When sent from a Display Name, the advisor’s name will be shown as the sender.

We'll also update the signature based on the selected sender!

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