Email Sequences are a series of emails on a single topic that you can schedule to send to a client or prospect, over a period of time.

In this article we'll be covering:

  1. Accessing Email Sequences

  2. Editing Email Sequences

  3. Sending Email Sequences

Accessing Email Sequences

To use Email Sequences, navigate to Content Library >> Emails. To view the Email Sequences either:

  • Click the arrows next to “Type” to reorder the list to show Email Sequences

  • Filter by Types: Email Sequences

Click the title of an Email Sequence for a preview of the messages contained within the sequence. If you’d like to send that sequence, click “Use Sequence”:

Editing Email Sequences

You have the ability to make the following changes to an Email Sequence:

  • Changing the content of the messages

  • Changing the order of the emails

  • Changing how frequently they are sent

  • Don’t like the default photo? Remove it and add your own!

  • Deleting emails from the sequence entirely or write your own to add in!

To customize your sequence, open the sequence and click “Edit Sequence":

Here is an overview of the Email Sequence edit page:

  1. Edit: click the "pencil" icon next to the email to edit the contents of the email message.

  2. Sort Up/Down: use these arrows to move the email up or down in the sequence.

  3. Delete: remove this email from the sequence.

  4. Preview Email: click the preview email link to get a preview of what the email looks like.

  5. Wait for _ days: change the number of days between email sends.

In most cases, Email Sequences will need to be sent to compliance for approval before they can be sent.*

*There are some programs and agencies where Agency Created Email Sequences may be pre-approved for use as-is. If any changes are made, your sequence will be sent to compliance for review before it can be sent.

Sending Email Sequences

When you’re finished creating your Email Sequence, you’ll need to choose when your emails should start sending. Schedule your Email Sequence to go out immediately (pending compliance approval) or at a scheduled time in the future.

First, you will choose the contacts to whom you want to send your email:

You can send your Email Sequence to:

  • Send to all contacts: send the Email Sequence to all of your contacts.

  • Send to a group: you can select to send to an existing group of contacts or to multiple groups.

  • Send to an individual: select an email address or multiple email addresses you'd like to send the Email Sequence to.

Your Email Sequence will be sent to all of your contacts who meet the criteria at that time. New contacts will need to be added to a future Email Sequence send so that you’re always sending the freshest and most up-to-date content.

Once you've selected your audience, you will choose when to send your email:

You can either:

  • Send immediately: Your email will be sent as soon as it's approved by compliance.

  • Schedule a future date: Your email will be sent at a future date of your choosing as long as it's been approved by compliance (if not approved in time, your email will not send.)

Before sending, you will have another chance to review your upcoming emails. This is your last chance to make any final edits, preview your Email Sequence, and view your scheduled emails. Click “Send” and the sequence will be sent to the recipients on the schedule you set.

*If you have edited the Email Sequence and think you will want to use it again in the future, place a checkmark here to save it as a Prewritten Sequence! It will then appear in the Content Libary>>Emails section under Email Sequences for future use.

You will find the sent and scheduled emails in your sequences under Email >> History alongside your custom and automated emails. From here, you can delete an email before it's sent, or duplicate a previously sent email. You cannot currently edit an email that is part of a sequence before it's sent.

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