Some users have access to agency created social post sequences that are ready to go. Like our agency-created social posts, these social sequences can be posted immediately or scheduled to post at a later time. 

Note: The posts in these sequences have not been pre-approved by compliance and will need to follow your standard process. 

To use social sequences, your social media accounts must to be connected to your admin

Click here to learn more about connecting your social media accounts. 

Once your social media accounts are connected and approved, navigate to Content Library >> Social Posts Only

Sort by social post type or click the arrows next to "Title" or “Type” to reorder the list. 

Click the title of a social sequence or Details for a preview of the posts contained within. Want an even closer look? Click Preview on each post. 

Looks good? Click “Use This Sequence” to move forward. 

If you'd like to make changes to the sequence, click the pencil icon on the post you'd like to edit.

Customize your social sequences posts by changing the content of the messages, the order in which they appear or the number of days between posts. Don’t like the default photo? Remove it and add your own. Delete posts entirely or create a fresh one –  make the posts your own! When you're finished customizing, click "Preview Post" to get a sneak peak of your social posts.

When you’re finished creating your suite social sequence, you’ll need to choose where and when your messages will appear. Schedule the messages on the social platforms you prefer and when you’d like them posted – immediately or at some time in the future.

Before the posts go live, you will have one last chance to make any edits, see a preview of the current sequence and what posts you have coming up. 

Click “Post” and your suite sequence will shared with your social media contacts.

To view your upcoming social sequences and social posts, head to Social Media >> Post on Social Media. If you've changed your mind, you can cancel any posts that have yet to go out. Pretty suite!

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