Some of our users have access to pre-written Social Posts that are ready to be sent immediately or scheduled for later, making posting to social media even suite-r!  One important note, these agency created social posts are not pre-approved by compliance and will follow your firm's compliance rules around social media. 

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Get Social: Using Your Tools for Social Media Management

First, be sure that you have integrated the social media profiles to which you'd like to share.

Once your social media accounts are connected and approved, navigate to Content Library >> Social Posts:

Choose a social post to use by scrolling through the list or by filtering. Get a preview of the post by clicking the title or clicking on "Details". If you’re ready to move on to editing, click “Use This Post”.

Tip: Quickly reorder the list by clicking the arrow next to “Title”.

When you've decided which post to use, choose where to share your post – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. If you would like to customize your post, you may edit: 

  • Text - Click in the box to change the message text

  • Image - Remove the preloaded image and add your own

  • Link to an External Website - Enter the external link into the body of the email

If everything looks good and you're ready to post, click schedule post

Choose when you would like your social post to go live – post immediately or schedule for a future time. 

Once you've finished scheduling, review your post and confirm the details. You can edit where your message will be posted, when the message will be shared as well as a final preview and chance to make changes to the post.

Everything looking suite? You're ready to post away! Click "Post" to get that message out there. 

If you'd like an overview of the posts you have coming up, you can view your upcoming scheduled posts right from your admin. If you've changed your mind, you can cancel any scheduled posts that you’ve decided not to share. 

Want to send a series of agency created social posts? Learn about social sequences.

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