With our "Featured Content" and "Multi-Content" sections, you can easily add articles, videos, and more from your Content Library to your custom emails.

Whether you want to simply share a piece of content with your contacts, or you want to include an article (or two!) that relates to a blog post or some commentary you're sharing — we've made it simple to add library content to your custom messages.

Simply add a "Featured Content" or "Multi-Content" section to your email. Once added, you can choose exactly what piece(s) of content you want to feature:

On both the "Featured" and "Multi-Content" sections, you're able to edit each element:

  • Headline 

  • Paragraph

  • Button Copy

  • Image

Now, just because it's called "Multi-Content" doesn't mean you must add more than one piece of content to this section!
If you want to augment some commentary that you've put together with a related article or video, you may want to use this shorter section to highlight that content:

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