If your compliance department provides a tracking number for your campaign emails, you will see that tracking number appear in your email signature, below your disclosure: 

Shortly before your campaign emails are sent, you will receive a PDF of the email, along with a list of the recipients.* The PDF will contain this tracking number and should be all you need to submit to compliance!

Note: the subject line of this email will contain "... has been queued by FMG Suite"

*You will only receive this email if you have enabled campaign notifications. Click here to learn more about activating those email notifications. 

If you do not receive email notifications about your campaigns, you can still access this documentation. Simply:

  1. Navigate to Email >> History in your admin

  2. Find the campaign email in question and click "Details" in the "Actions" column

  3. Click "View PDF" to download a PDF of the email, along with a list of recipients. The tracking number will be included in this document. 

View PDF

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