A website without images is, well, just a fancy Word Doc. Pictures are a great, easy way to add some personality and visual appeal to your online footprint! 

We recommend searching the stock photo providers below for some professional-grade images for your website and other marketing materials:

You'll usually get a much better deal if you purchase a bundle of credits or sign up for a plan with the royalty-free photo providers above. Buying one image, for example, could cost around $30. Whereas 5 images, purchased as a bundle, may cost $50. 

Some hints for buying stock photos

  • You don't need to purchase the highest resolution available. Those big images are usually best for printed materials. The "medium" size is generally ideal for websites.
    Note: we can't add anything over 5 MB to your website. Such large images are unnecessary and will slow down your page's loading speed. 

  • Be careful not to purchase "editorial" images, since those cannot be used on a commercial site.
    Below is an example of a search result you may see for one of these photos:

If you would like us to add a photo to your website, please:

  • attach the image(s) to an email 

  • provide written confirmation that you have purchased the rights to use the photo(s) from a stock photo provider
    Without this confirmation, we cannot add these graphics to your website. 

What NOT to do... 

Pictures are all over the web! With the right-click of a mouse, you can save nearly any image you find online. But unless you have purchased the rights to the photo, you cannot use it on your website. 

It may be tempting, but we don't recommend that you grab photos from the following sources:

  • "Free" stock photo providers: there is usually some hard-to-find fine print that restricts how and where these photos can be used. We do not recommend that you download and add these photos to your website. 

  • Google image results: Google makes finding information and pictures a bit too easy these days. It would be easy to find, save and upload images you find on Google to your website but, again, you need to purchase the rights if you want to use it on your site. 

  • Other websites: if you see a photo you like on another website, it may be tempting to simply save that photo and add it to your site. But remember, those images are licensed for those particular websites, not yours. 

Keep it Personal

Purchasing the rights to stock photos is a great way to get professional images for your website, but be careful that you don't hide your firm's personality behind these flashy photos! Be sure to whip out your digital camera and take pictures of your office and client events!
Personal photos are an easy way to add some personality to your website and to social media. Facebook is a great place to share some photos of client events or even office/firm events, to give your followers an idea of who you are. 

  • Add a photo of your reception area to your website so new clients know what to expect 

  • Place a photo from a past client event on your website and social media profiles

  • Put a picture of your building on your homepage 

  • Dedicate an afternoon to taking individual photos of all your team members in front of the same backdrop. It'll make a difference on your website's "Team" page if all headshots have a consistent look! 

Personal pictures add a great personal touch to your site, but here's a hint: search stock photo providers for some great skyline/city pictures of your local area! We don't doubt your photo skills, but those professionals really know how to capture a great city skyline and local prospective clients will appreciate these views. 

Images Provided By FMG Suite

The images provided by FMG Suite for your website are licensed for your website only. If you would like to purchase a stock image that was placed on your website by FMG Suite, contact our Customer Service team at 858-251-2420 or service@fmgsuite.com, and we can provide you with the link to purchase your own rights to the image to use on other branding materials.

Got an image that's too large to upload? Click here for
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