Whenever you're working on your site, you always have the option to save your work and pick up at a later date. 

Simply click "Save Draft" on your page, and voila! Your work is saved!
Note: you'll also need to click "Save Draft" before you can preview your changes on your preview site. 

When you're ready to pick up where you left off, you can access your draft by either;
(1) Navigating back to the original page in your admin. If, for example, you were editing a page, simply navigate back to Website > Pages and find your draft there:

(2) Going to the "Drafts" section in your admin.
Here, we list all the sections that are still a work in progress: whether they had been previously approved by compliance or not. 

You can quickly submit several drafts to compliance from this screen. Either click the checkbox at the top of the table to select all, or select the drafts you're ready to submit:

If the content you're editing has been previously approved, you will see the option to "Revert" your draft:

By "reverting" a draft, you can erase the changes you made and revert the content back to its previously approved version. The status on the content will change back to "published" (ie: approved). 


Watch the video below to learn more about your "Drafts" section:

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